Cookie Policy

What are cookies?

Our website uses cookies to improve our services. Cookies are small text files that are sent to the user’s computer when they visit a website. Cookies do not harm the computer or the files on its hard drive.

What we do use cookies for?

We use cookies to improve the use of our online services. We use cookies to collect data on the use of our website as well as the devices and browsers used by visitors. We use cookies for analytics on our website. Cookies make the use of the website easier for you and makes the marketing content you see more appropriate.

Cookies used by Kuvaverkko

Cookies can be categorized by how long they are stored and their function. Session cookies are in effect from when the browser is opened until it is closed. The cookies are automatically deleted when the user closes the browser. Permanent cookies are active for a pre-determined time period and remain in the browser until they expire or the user deletes them manually.

We use cookies belonging to the following categories:

Strictly necessary cookies
Strictly necessary cookies are important for our website’s basic functions: features and technical functions without which our website cannot operate. These cookies cannot be disabled.

Functional cookies
Functional cookies enable our website to remember previous choices, such as user names, language settings or regions. We use these cookies to store data that changes the functionality of our website.

Analytical cookies
We use analytical cookies to monitor the activities of visitors to our website and conduct analyses that help us optimize our website. This enables us to improve the functionality of our website and serve our visitors better. If you do not accept these cookies, we will not know when you visit our website. You can, however, use our website normally without these cookies.

Third-party cookies
Our website uses third-party cookies. Third-party cookies are utilized, for example, in analysis and marketing automation tools. To learn how the third party uses the cookies, the user should refer to the third party’s privacy and cookie policy.

Blocking and deleting cookies

You can manage our website’s cookies in two ways.

  1. By changing your cookie settings through the control button at the bottom of this page
    You can manage functional, analytical and marketing cookies through the control button at the bottom of this page. These cookies will not be used without your consent. If you do not give your consent, the functionality of tools that use functional, analytical and marketing cookies will be disabled, and some of the content of our website may become unusable to you. You also won’t see any targeted advertising. You can change these cookie settings through the control panel at any time.
  2. By changing your browser’s cookie settings
    If you wish to prevent the cookies from functioning, you may do so by changing your browser settings to block all cookies. Instructions for this can be found on the browser’s help page. The browsers on mobile devices do not always offer this option. In this case, the user must make changes to the phone settings. However, it is worth noting that rejecting cookies or deleting them may negatively affect the functioning of the service or certain parts of it, or may even block it completely.

    More information about cookies

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