Privacy policy

Kuvaverkko stores and processes personal data in accordance with the EU GDPR and data protection law.

We may update this privacy policy from time to time by publishing a new online version of it. Therefore, we recommend that you read through our privacy policy when using our services.

Policy creation date: September 9th 2017
Updated: October 16th 2023

1. Registry holder

Kuvaverkko Oy (hereafter referred to as Kuvaverkko)
Business ID: 3265796-3
Hiomotie 3

2. Person managing registry matters

Oskar Levänen

3. Name of the registry

Registry based on customership or other connection with Kuvaverkko

4. The registry’s purpose of use

The legal basis for handling personal data, according to the EU General Data Protection Regulation, is:
Legitimate interest (customership)

We handle personal data based on customerships and other appropriate connections, such as partnerships, for purposes such as managing, maintaining and developing the aforementioned relationships with schools/daycare centres/sports clubs/businesses/communities (hereafter referred to as the Purchaser). Personal data is handled in order to deliver services, such as taking, developing and delivering photos, as well as sending invoices to and communicating with the customers. Furthermore, we handle personal data in order to analyse and develop our services and other business operations.

Data retention period
The data generated from the photoshoots will be stored in the service for two (2) calendar years, after which all image files will be permanently deleted and other personal data will be anonymized. Anonymisation means the processing of personal data in such a way that the person can no longer be identified from them.

Payment records are retained for five (5) years based on the Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Act.

5. The data content of the registry

The data recorded in the registry includes:

Basic information, such as

  • the first and last name of the guardian and/or the person being photographed
  • contact information (post address, email address, phone number)

Information related to the customership or other appropriate connection, such as

  • the group or class of the person being photographed´
  • the Purchaser’s information
  • image files
  • information concerning the registration (password and login)
  • information concerning order history, including payment methods and debt collection
    reclamations, feedback and other communications and measures related to the customership or other connection, including recorded phone calls and the registrant’s actions in social media services related to the
  • registry holder
  • marketing bans
  • marketing measures targeted at the registrant and their use
  • cookies and the information concerning the registrant’s terminal and online actions (such as IP address) learned through the use of cookies or similar techniques

6. Registry protection

A. Manual material
After the manual material, mainly sign up forms, have been delivered to Kuvaverkko, they will be saved into the information systems and disposed of as appropriate.

B. Information saved into the information systems
Data contained in the registry and handled electronically is protected by firewalls, passwords and other technical means commonly approved in the field of information security. We will guarantee that the stored information and server access rights, as well as other personal data critical to data safety, are handled on a confidential basis and by only those employees whose roles include the handling of said data.

7. Right of access and the right of requesting corrections

Every person included in the registry (Customer) has the right to check their personal data that has been saved in the registry and request that any errors or omissions be rectified. If a Customer wants to check their personal data that has been stored in the registry or request a correction, they must send a written request by mail to the company’s address or via email to asiakaspalvelu[at] The registry holder may ask proof of identity from a person submitting such a request, if necessary. The registry holder will reply to the Customer within a time period specified in the General Data Protection Regulation (typically within a month).

8. Right of prohibition

A Customer whose data has been stored in our registry has the right to request that this data be removed from the registry (‘right to be forgotten’). All requests must be sent in writing to Kuvaverkko or via email at asiakaspalvelu[at] Kuvaverkko may ask proof of identity from a person submitting such a request, if necessary. Kuvaverkko will reply to the Customer within a time period specified in the General Data Protection Regulation (typically within a month). The registrant may, if she/he wishes, give Kuvaverkko Oy consents or prohibitions concerning direct marketing by contacting customer service.

9. Regular information sources

The registry’s regular information sources are the Customers themselves when they sign up for photo sessions or use Kuvaverkko’s online shop. Customers provide information about themselves when registering, purchasing photo products, using Kuvaverkko’s other services or participating in marketing campaigns, among other things. Additionally, we collect personal data through the terminals used by the Customers with cookies or similar technologies.

10. Use of cookies in our online service

Our website uses cookies. A cookie is a small piece of data stored on the user’s browser, which enables a secure session to be created for the user, during which the system will know that the user remains the same. Cookies will not harm the users’ computers or files.

Cookies can be used to monitor the number of service users and gain information on the websites, browsers and operating systems used by the visitors. Also the users’ IP and web addresses will be recorded with cookies. Cookies also collect information about the use of the device, including the user ID, language selection, font size and various screen settings.

Kuvaverkko uses cookies to improve and develop its services so that they meet the users’ wishes the best way possible. Cookies can be utilised to make tailored recommendations and identify a user’s interests. Data collected with cookies can also be combined with other data of a user originating from another source in order to achieve a better user experience.

Kuvaverkko also uses the Google Analytics monitoring tool on its website. Google Analytics uses cookies for the monitoring, and data on the website’s use that is collected with cookies is transferred to and stored in Google. According to the terms and conditions of Google Analytics, Google will not combine the IP addresses of registered customers with any other data stored in Google.

If a user does not want to accept cookies, their use can be prevented. However, in that case we cannot guarantee that our services will continue to work smoothly, because the cookies are necessary for the appropriate functioning of our website and services.

11. Concerning data assignment and transfer

Kuvaverkko shall not assign or transfer the data in its customer information registry for any other purposes than issuing invoices, debt collection and, upon request, to the people in question or authorities.The regulations of the EU General Data Protection Regulation will be followed in all data transfers.

Personal data will not be transferred outside the EU member states’ territory or the EEC.

In accordance with the order and delivery terms, the Customer gives Kuvaverkko permission to deliver the photographs of a person to the school/daycare centre/sports club/company/community that purchased the photo session and to publish and deliver group and friend photographs of a person to all the people in the photos and/or to their guardians.

This registry statement will always be available at