Experience the story of school photography at shopping center Kaari

Oi niitä aikoja -valokuvanäyttely Kauppakeskus Kaaressa

The ”Oh, those were the Days” photo exhibition, organized by the Finnish School Photography Association, is open in Helsinki at shopping center Kaari’sFinnfoto Gallery until 31.3. The photo exhibition offers an opportunity to study how the 160-year-old Finnish school photography has developed over time and how it has maintained its position as an important tradition.

Through portraits and group photos, the exhibition tells the story of schoolchildren in different eras. In the exhibition you can experience a unique narrative of growth, change and communities in the Finnish school world.

Exhibition place: Finnfoto Gallery
Shopping center Kaari, 2nd floor
Address: Kantelettarentie 1, 00420 Helsinki
Opening hours: weekdays 7am-9pm, Sat 7am-8pm, Sun 7am-7pm.
The exhibition is free of charge.

Photo: Iisalmi city library’s digitized regional materials, Idyllinen Iisalmi collection. Group photo/school photo from 1923.

Read more about the exhibition (in Finnish): https://www.koulukuvausliitto.org/160vuotta
Kuvaverkko is a member of the Finnish School Photography Association.