Student ID cards with quality photos


Kuvaverkko works together with the Union of Upper Secondary School Students in Finland. Now it is possible to join the Union and acquire a student card with a studio-quality photo without a fuss when ordering your school photos!

How to do that?

Become a member of the Union and get your student card from Kuvaverkko’s online store when ordering your school photos.

No student certificate is required for membership in the Union – Kuvaverkko will take care of the verification for you!

You can have a studio-quality photo of your own choosing on your student card without a fuss.

A student card will give you access to a wide range of student benefits!

All full-time upper secondary school students may join the Union of Upper Secondary School Students. Union members will receive a student card intended for upper secondary school students, which provides them with access to the student utility service Frank Students’ student benefits.

Read more about a membership: