Grow a forest with us – choose carbon-neutral photos


We operate with the environment in mind: responsibly and in the long term. We reduced our carbon footprint by acquiring photographic printing equipment free from carbon dioxide and environmental waste in 2019. After this, we determined Kuvaverkko’s reduced carbon footprint, which stands at 110 tonnes (CO2eqv) a year. We are now offsetting the rest of our carbon dioxide emissions by planting a forest. You have the opportunity to contribute to combating climate change with us by purchasing carbon-neutral photo products.

Kuvaverkko - Hiilineutraali

Kuvaverkko launched carbon-neutral photo products

We are the only operator in the photographic industry to use environmentally friendly photographic printing equipment, and now we were the first to launch carbon-neutral photo products. The price of a carbon-neutral product includes compensations for the carbon footprint of the photography service and end product throughout its entire life cycle. The carbon-neutral products are separately marked in our online store.

A domestic carbon sink to slow down climate change

We are eliminating the carbon footprint of our operations by growing a domestic carbon sink: a forest. This involves removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere by reforesting wasteland in Finland in cooperation with Puuni Oy. The new carbon sink will be grown in a location that will not be reforested otherwise. As the trees grow, they absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. These trees can store carbon for centuries. The reforestation creates new habitats and ecosystems to help slow down climate change – we invite you to capture your best moments, with respect for the environment.