Kuvaverkko’s forest is growing!

Kuvaverkko - Puuni

Since 2020, Kuvaverkko has been a carbon-neutral school photography company. To this end, we modernised our production to be carbon neutral and chemical free. Professionals calculate the remaining carbon footprint every year, and we compensate for it by planting forests in the wastelands of different municipalities in Finland. Now we are happy to announce that Kuvaverkko’s forest has been planted and is soaring!

The size of the carbon sink of these forests is determined by Natural Resources Institute Finland (LUKE) and corresponds to the annual carbon footprint of Kuvaverkko. Kuvaverkko photographs thousands of schools, daycare centres, congregations and sports teams all over Finland, so it is only natural that we plant forests in Finland. Forests and afforestation are the best ways to fight climate change and remove carbon dioxide from the air.

We want the memories of your childhood and youth as well as nature to remain as beautiful as possible. It is important to us that the children and young people we immortalise in our photographs, along with their descendants, can enjoy our handiwork.

Kuvaverkko’s photographs will last for more than 200 years – just like the forest we plant. Watch the video to see how our CEO, Petri, managed the planting.